“Everybody’s bones deteriorate after they are 40 years old, unless they take steps to prevent it happening....  
After 5 months of regular bioDensity and Power Plate work once a week a 57-year-old female client improved the bone strength in her spine by 12% and 7% in her hip. The strength of her bones was measured with the most up to date technology using the EchoS REMS scanner incorporating the Fragility Score module from OsteoscanUK.  
A steady decline in bone health with an increase in the risk of suffering from low- energy fragility fractures is something we are susceptible to. Using bioDensity and Power Plate technology this no longer needs to be true.  
Preventing weak bones from fracturing can have a dramatic effect on survival and quality of life.”  
Dr. Nick Birch, Consultant Spinal and Bone Health Specialist Osteoscan UK, www.osteoscanuk.com 
“At Brighter Life we aim to positively impact the health and wellbeing of all the people we serve. I can wholeheartedly say that I have had the same experience with your services at BioStrong. I have engaged with your system... not only have I benefitted from increased strength, but also from greater stability and balance. I have also referred a number of practice members to you who have reported similar results. I will continue to refer people to you because I can see you are offering a great service that is positively improving the health and wellbeing of your clients. Keep up the good work!”  
Dave Hill DC PhD, Chiropractor, Brighter Life Chiropractic 
“Definitely stronger all the time. Dropping something on the floor is no longer a big drama where I was wondering ‘How am I going to pick that up?’ Now I just pick it up.” 
Niaz, 60yrs 
“Last week I was walking up what I used to think was a hill and I thought to myself, ‘This isn’t a hill it’s only a slope.’ I am certainly feeling stronger.” 
Sharon, 60 years 
“My BioStrong sessions have changed my life and my outlook on life.” 
Julie, 54yrs 
“I came to you because I fell and couldn’t get up, I was stuck in a cupboard for hours. I am now using a really small stool for gardening and noticed I can get up out of it. I couldn’t do that before.” 
Val, 73yrs 
“I saw a significant strength improvement over all four exercises... the results were impressive. Each session is complete in 20-30 minutes, and there is none of the sweat or exhaustion experienced in a gym workout! The science behind the process is believable, and no doubt has improved bone health.” 
Trevor (69yr male) 
“I was talking to a friend in the kitchen - she is more than 20 years younger than me - only early 50’s and a very fit cyclist. I was showing her the Superman balance.” 
Val, 70yrs 
“There are a few things that have been 'standout' improvements to my physicality. The first noticeable improvement is in my balance, which has improved exponentially. This means that my legs have got much stronger, enabling me to have better balance. Genuinely, I have had an over-riding sense of well-being and 'wellness'. I appreciate that's slightly vague and difficult to explain or pinpoint, but it's an overriding feeling of my body being more stable and stronger.” 
Lisa, 61yrs 
“I'm definitely stronger and feeling stronger than before I started. I am much more confident when I am walking now and it feels great” 
Carol, 68yrs 
I’ve been coming to John for a year. The difference has been amazing – I was ‘on my knees’ before and couldn’t stand up properly. Now I can stand on one foot on the vibrating platform. I am so much stronger now. It has changed my life.” 
Clodagh, 71yrs 
“For many years I have had problems with my back and hamstrings constantly getting injuries. Gym session after gym session, personal trainer after personal trainer and stretching session after stretching session. As the years are catching up with me it became obvious I needed an alternative strategy. I met John Phelan and arranged to go and see him and discuss his approach. It was enlightening to be educated on bone structure and critical mass which then made a lot more sense. Focussing on strength and increasing bone density was the focus and we set upon a journey to make this happen. Our sessions have been straight forward and focussed on certain muscle groups and it was great to see the progress every week. John is fantastic at what he does and definitely will slow and halt the ageing process and I know he can do this for any anybody no matter what age or sex you are... so do not delay, make your appointment with Mr Phelan and see the difference it can make. Thank you John.” 
Jason, Healthcare Partner, Director G&J Healthcare Ltd 
“John, Thank you so much for all your help and support during my time at BioStrong, and most of all, for making the sessions fun! I’ve been feeling very proud of the progress I’ve made and will be back!!” 
Lynda, 69yrs 
“I can move my neck from side-to-side without any pain now. I am so much stronger. I was able to lift a chainsaw above my head and easily use it to cut the hedge yesterday - I couldn't have done that before." 
Ella, 52yrs 
“I would highly recommend BioStrong if you are interested in improving your muscle and bone strength as well as your balance.” 
Philippa, 57yrs 
“Yesterday I walked into town and back. This was the first time I have done that in two years. I was so happy and proud of myself.” 
Sheila, 82yrs 
“I have missed working on the machines. I’ve not got as much energy and I’m feeling more aches and pains than I had...so, I need to get back to it...Looking at next week?” 
Barbara, 67yrs 
“As a keen cyclist in my mid 50’s I am acutely aware that my exercise regime is very one dimensional and non-load bearing. I have witnessed fellow cyclists acquire fractures from fairly innocuous low speed crashes and been unable to ride for a significant period of time. As such I am anxious to avoid a similar incident and was curious to understand what options may be available to mitigate this risk which led to a discussion with John. Whilst my primary objective has been to improve my bone strength, I have noticed a marked increase in my strength over a 3 month period in which I have had weekly sessions and I have particularly enjoyed training with the power plate. Over this period I have recorded an increase in my FTP of almost 9% which has been an unexpected and very welcome bonus.” 
John, 57yrs 
“I started this bio-strong therapy following a recommendation from a friend after suffering severe pain in my legs, particularly within my thighs for almost a year, making it very uncomfortable even to sit for any given time span and causing me issues with mobility. I was only able to walk a few steps at a time before my pain levels caused me to have to stop and rest. After 7 sessions I can honestly say that I have felt a difference in my pain levels, the aching and burn has now stopped completely in my lower legs and has reduced the pain levels in my thighs. I was unable to walk around the supermarket before undertaking this therapy and struggled very much with any elevation such as steps, and walking up even a small hill. I can now go into the supermarket without having to stop which is a major improvement as far as I'm concerned. I can also now get to the top of the stairs without having to stop and sit down (sometimes once or twice). For this I am truly grateful. Thank you John.” 
Helen, fibromyalgia sufferer, 53yrs 
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